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Back to Basics TV Series - The Seven Sacraments

There is no greater gift that to give the gift of Christ to another.



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Niall Kennedy's introduction to the Eucharistic Congress 2012 for WorldPriest TV

Niall Kennedy interviews Archbishop Michael Neary for WorldPriest TV at the 2012 Eucharistic Congress in Dublin

Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn, Bishop Frank Caggiano shares some vital points of interest with the WorldPriest TV Chairman, Niall Kennedy
Niall Kennedy of WorldPriest TV discusses with Fr. Severinus of Uganda on how the Catholic church is flourishing in Uganda German Bishop connects teaching the meaning of Life with Catholic Laity

Fr. Frank Rouleau from Haiti speaks with Niall Kennedy at the recent Eucharistic Congress
The Chilean Church - "Privileged to Be the Voice of the Poor" Bishop Sim from Brunei - Universal Dimension of Church to look outward for inspiration, but also to look inward spirituality is important Father Francis Ching from Canada - Father Francis uses Bluetooth via his computer to celebrate Mass
Vega from Spain - Father Del La Vega explains why Spain is a mission country in a most interesting and insightful interview with Niall Kennedy of Worldpriest TV. Father also outlines a very successful support network for Priests in Spain via Digital Media a part of the new Global Evangelisation. Father Madej from Turkmenistan in Asia - A priest who really loves Jesus. Tell's his strory of priestly ministry in Asia Bishop Denis Browne from New Zealand

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